Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Sunday

Easter morning the kids woke up to their Easter baskets the Easter Bunny left them. So.Very.Excited!
We dumped out our Easter goodies and now we're ready to hunt eggs with our cousins, Cecilia & Charlie! Looks like Hannah is going to have a hard time filling her basket!

posing on the pier before Mass.
We love our BB & Papa! We love G & Pop too, of course, but those pictures ended up on somebody's iPhone.
Papa and 3 of his grandchildren.

Family Photo on the pier!

One last boat ride before we go home. We had to check out how fast we could make our pinwheels spin on the boat!

Sullivan's First Birthday

We celebrated Sullivan's First Birthday (3 weeks early) while we were at the beach. Since it was at the beach we decided to do a sailboat theme.
Who am I imitating?

Pre-Cake Family Picture. Reilly doesn't have the best face.
Oh look, now Reilly looks perfect as does Hannah and Sullivan. But wait, who the "H, E, Double Hockey Sticks" is that in the background? (his quote, not mine!)

I don't think I like this hat on my head, Dad.
forget about the hat, what is this goodness they just put in front of me?

You can't be serious. You want me to use my hands? Gross.
Hey Sullivan, Watch me. I'll show you how!

Yay!! They got me a spoon. I can't believe it took them this long.
I'll pose for a picture with you people, but I'm still going to suck this icing off my fingers.

Thanks Mom & Dad for making my fingers taste better than they have ever tasted before.

And Thank You G & Pop for hosting my party!

Cousin Love!

Easter Egg Dyeing

G had all of the kids over to dye Easter eggs.

Mackie gets prettier every day...
...and sillier!

Hannah glows with excitement when she gets to spend time with her cousins!
Reilly and his super silly egg-dyeing face!

Shew! All that egg dyeing was hard work!

Fishing Time

One of the kids favorite things to do at the beach is to go fishing. The fun thing about their age is that they don't care what kind of fish they catch.

Check out that trophy of a pinfish Reilly caught. Whoa! Hannah caught a fish next just by raising her hand!

Ta-Dah! Hannah catches her fish. We have it mounted in the family room now.

Hannah Owns the Mountain of Youth!

See that gigantic structure in the background-- the Mountain of Youth at Lulu's in Gulf Shores. Yep, my little baby girl climbed all the way to the top with her Daddy. I wish I had her courage!

While Hannah is climbing the Mountain of Youth, Reilly is figuring out his new YoYo Pop bought him!

"Don't look at me, Mom." (He frequently tells me that and it just makes me laugh!)
I may sense a little bit of nervousness from her, but not much!

They're all ready to be "hooked" in. The harness was connected to the track above their heads by this tiny "thing-a-ma-bob".
Hannah climbing to the top.

Sullivan and G completely mesmerized by the Mountain of Youth!