Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update on Baby #3

My last appointment was January 14th. I took the blood glucose test and passed! They did tell me that I'm low on iron and to start eating more iron rich foods. The baby measured about 25 weeks and the heart rate was in the 140s. Still not finding out if it's a boy or a girl! Now I'm 27 weeks and look like I'm about 35 weeks. I guess with the 3rd everything expands a little more quickly!

The baby is really active and I think Hannah actually felt a kick the other day. I think we can pass the hearing test in the hospital because I'm about 99% sure this baby can hear! Every time music comes on or there is a loud noise, he/she jumps! It's still so amazing to me to feel and watch the baby move in my stomach. We are so very blessed!

I go to the doctor again February 11th. Until then, I guess I'll keep growing!

It's Official

Reilly is potty trained! We're super excited to be "Diaper Free" for about 3 months until the new baby comes! (Well, he still uses them at night, but we'll take what we can get!)