Thursday, August 28, 2008

6 Most Interesting Quirks

This one is for Adrienne... because she so graciously tagged me to blog about my 6 most interesting quirks.

1. I don't wear pajamas more than 1 night. (I though everybody did this, but apparently not.)

2. My pinkie knuckles are invisible when I make a fist. My piano teacher was always amazed I could reach the keys!. I know, I'm a freak.

3. I've been known to vacuum at strange hours of the night.

4. I have blonde moments frequently (no offense, Adrienne!).

*I asked Andrew, while in the drive up ATM, if he had any cash.

*I once melted my eyelashes together by opening the oven door with my head too close. I freaked because I couldn't see!

*I once was at the drive up at Chick Fil A screaming for them to take my order. Yeah.. it was Sunday. Nobody was there.

The list goes on...

5. The pillows go back on the bed in the same exact spot. No straying from this.

6. I can't stand it when people mispronounce the word "specifically" as "pacifically". GRRR.

I tag Ali, Kat, Candice, and Jillian. They're all losers and don't have I'll post them if I get 'em.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Racecar Driver Reilly

Although Reilly does NOT watch NASCAR, he has somehow picked up on how to pretend to drive a car. Watch This!

First and Last

Here's Reilly hamming it up in his bouncy seat. This outfit was his fathers when he was a baby. This is the first time he's worn it... and probably the last. It's a little snug! Daddy was a MUCH smaller baby than Reilly (aka Beowulf).

On the Computer

Momma, I'm checkin' my email!

Spirit Back On!

Hannah returns to school next week (YEAH!). Last night, I went to the parent orientation and got all of her goodies, including her new "spirit shirt". This morning was "sneak a peak" where Hannah got to meet her new teacher. Before we left this morning, she saw her new spirit shirt on the kitchen table. She grabbed her tshirt as we were going to get in the car. Here's the conversation:

Momma - "Hannah, you don't need your spirit shirt today"
Hannah - "Momma, it might be spirit day."
Momma - "No, it's not spirit day".
Hannah - "Well, I need to ask my teacher. I'll bring it just in case."
Mommma - "Ok."

She apparently has been scarred for life after the last "spirit day" incident.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lulu the Monkey

You might remember Lulu the monkey post about 4 months ago. Well, Lulu (sponsored by Lulu's restaurant in Orange Beach) has a promo video on YouTube. Hannah & Reilly's cousins Brooke & Shane appeared in the promo video. They're about 39 seconds into the video. They're famous!!