Sunday, October 22, 2006

Hannah decided to kick back and enjoy the ride back to the car. She was "Rid'in Dirty" because the wheel-barrow was very dirty. So she was not really "Rid'in Dirty" like the song says, but close enough.

Hannah had a great time at the pumpkin patch and corn maze. She was a little tired at the end and decided to ride back to the car in style, much like Paris Hilton would if she were at the pumpkin patch.

You would be surprised too if you realized there was a corn cannon right next to the pumpkins.

...But Hannah was able to find just the right one.

It was a really tough decision for Hannah.

After Hannah completed the maze in record time, it was off to find a pumpkin. She did not really want one of those really small ones.

Uncle Shuck was able to preserve the beauty of nature while carving a maze into his crop of corn. See the way the crop of corn blends perfectly in with the Coke machine?

It is a trick of the camera... Hannah is not really that short.

The camera did manage to keep up with Hannah in the corn maze. Here she was guiding her parent's to all the check points within the maze. I am not saying she is advanced, but I did not see any other 15 to 16 month olds finding all the check points.

Hannah did not obey all of the signs. She wondered why Uncle Shuck would sell tickets to a corn maze where you are not allowed to touch the corn.

You can see where she gets it from.

For the record, Hannah is still short.

Hannah really seems to like the Halloween season.

Despite the fact that the family photographer has been working out of town much of the last 3 months, Hannah was a little annoyed that he was taking so many pictures at the pumpkin patch. Hannah felt a little bit like Paris Hilton with the photographer following her everywhere. She was forced to escape into the corn maze shortly after this picture was taken.

Hannah is so advanced that she already knows how to use a wheel-barrow. After she got it about half way to the car we had to tell her to turn it around and bring them back.

There is really nothing quite like the taste of fresh, I mean really fresh, miniature pumpkins.

It is a little bit of a bad hair day for Hannah.

Hannah got to pick out a pumpkin that was just her size. Unfortunately she wanted all of the ones just her size.

Hannah, Stephanie, and Andrew went to "Uncle Shuck's" Pumpkin patch and corn maze this weekend. Hannah was careful to observe the signs, "NO SMOKING or OPEN FLAME" and "NO SMOKIN OR DRINKIN". The open flame part was the hardest part for Hannah to observe.