Monday, September 07, 2015

Sullivan's Special Present!

Sullivan received a special present today!

Thanks to "G" for a great 4th birthday present!  Sullivan loves it and will be sleeping with it tonight!

Friday, May 08, 2015

Lady Bird Johnson

Hannah's school has a Great Americans program put on every year by the 3rd grade class. Hannah got to be First Lady Lady Bird Johnson, wife of President Lyndon B Johnson. They had to learn all about their person and give a 45 second speech. Hannah did a great job!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Reilly plays basketball

Reilly played basketball again this year!  He was one of the best players out there and really enjoyed playing.  We don't have many good pictures of his games, as the gym is very dark (for pictures).  Here are some of the best from this season.

Lightening out of the gate (#1)

He is a proud boy, and he makes his Mom and Dad very proud.

He jumps on all the loose balls, but the coaches hold him back sometimes to let others get a chance.

He is a ham for the camera... sometimes.

But he always seems to know where the camera is.

Fast Break!

Determination is evident.

Watch Out!

Hannah plays lots of Soccer!

Hannah has been playing a lot of soccer lately, and getting pretty good at it.  Here are some pictures from a couple games...

Go Hannah Go!

Big Wind-Up

Fight for the ball!

Maybe not the most legal form, but she did not get called on the play, so it must be legal!

Wait, is she watching the ball or the camera?

A few more bike pictures...

Just a few more good pictures from our outing...

All the kids go for a ride...

So all the kids went for a bike ride in a large parking lot.  We have not done that much, but they love it every time we go there.  Here are some action shots and cute one of the kids together.

Hannah is a little bit bigger than Sullivan,

But she does a great job helping him and Mom and Dad!

Not sure what was going on here, put that tongue back in your mouth!

There is exactly one telephone/power pole in this parking lot.  Sullivan found it.

Reilly and Sullivan both wore this jacket and rode this scooter.  They are both great boys.

Happy too!

Sullivan is a master at this scooter.  He has worn out no less than 3 pairs of shoes riding and dragging his feet on it... At least he is gliding with his feet up in this one.

Sullivan Rides Bikes

Sullivan is getting really big!  He really loves riding his bike with this brother and sister.  We went to a large parking lot and had lots of space to ride.  You can see his helmet has seen better days, however, luckily, it isn't because he falls all the time.

Mobile Mardi Gras 2015

This year we took the kids to Mardi Gras in Mobile, AL for the first time.  Stephanie and I realized we had never taken them and corrected that situation.  Here are a few images from our trip this year.  One image we don't have is of the three giant bags of candy, necklaces, and Moon-Pies.