Friday, November 01, 2013

2 out within 24 hours. Hoping the streak ends soon! There are still another 2 loose ones though!

Reilly's class of Halloween characters.

Reilly and his class of characters!

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Tracey have a really great class!

Happy Halloween, 2013!

Happy Halloween from Gru, his Minion, and Batman!

Those three characters had a great Halloween, and we hope you did too.

Domino Effect

Looks like a soft diet is in her future! Almost 2 in a row. She won't let me pull this one yet...I think all she needs to do is jump up and down 3 times for this one to come out though!

Oh no!

She ate so much Halloween candy her tooth fell out! The tooth fairy is very generous with "holiday pay"!