Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Reilly Dictionary

As a Mom, I am the translator. Reilly has developed his own language --some close to English--some not so close! The frustration between Andrew and Reilly can get to be pretty funny. Andrew will look at me and ask "WHAT DOES HE WANT???". Here's a little sampling:

hot-eat = sassy (pacifier)
nee-nee = blanket
pop-beep = puppy
nack-nack = snack
hi-ya or hey-ya = Hannah
moke = milk
deuce = juice
mote = remote
hew-woe = hello / phone
puts = poops
bash = bath
tuck = truck
whose = shoes
puw-woe = pillow
nap = napkin
tash = trash
nanna = banana
die-die = french fry
wa-wa = waffle
teef = toothbrush
dook = book
mo = more
coe = cold
hot = hot
eat = eat now!

I'll get the video camera out and ask him to say these words on camera so we capture Reilly-ese! In the meantime, maybe Andrew can use this as reference for when I'm not around!!