Monday, July 05, 2010

Pirates and Princesses birthday party

Hannah ran around "The Hangout" with the pirates and princesses (Tinker-Bell) before she took this picture, so please forgive the lack of bows in her hair.
Mom and Dad are very proud of our "big" girl. She has great manners, loves her brother very much, shares well with her brother and others well, I could go on and on. She gives us a little too much lip every once in a while, but we could not be more proud of her. Hannah and Reilly make us want to have another kid around the house.

The Cake

This is the cake that Momma made for the "Princesses and Pirates" birthday breakfast for Hannah. (The doll's hair is in a wrap for transport). Hannah loved her cake and her brithday party with many of her cousins.

Big Treat

What birthday would be complete without a HUGE Ice Cream Cone?

Cecilia gets into the act

Hannah's cousin Cecilia got into the act too.


And here they are... Not shown are her new high heel shoes.

Hannah turns 5 years old!

So "Princess" Hannah turned five years old on July 1st. As usual, she spent her holiday weekend in Orange Beach, AL stimulating the newly decimated economy. Here, Hannah tried on her new princess dress, what isn't shown is all the other accessories that came with it. Wow. -Daddy