Monday, June 07, 2010

Funny Funny Children!

This past Saturday, we traveled to Auburn for my cousin Landon's wedding. On Saturday afternoon, it was VERY important that Reilly get a nap prior to the 6pm wedding. So, I put him down in his pack-n-play, sang "E-I-O" and put him in his bed. As I was leaving the room, he screamed out...."Dis Hotel. Dis not my bed, Momma.". After about a 15 minute battle, I convinced him that regardless of what bed he was in, he needed to take a nap. I sure am glad he got a nap because he was up until 11pm dancing the night away!

Before the bride and groom arrived at the reception, Hannah looked up at me and asked me where the "pretty pretty princess" was. I giggled and said that she wasn't there yet, but that she would be there soon! She was completely mesmerized by the beautiful bride. She was thrilled when she got to dance with her!

Busy Summer Already!

I LOVE my new tractor from BB & Papa!!

At the children's museum! Painting on the walls! Can't do this at home!

Riding a "REAL" tractor at the Children's Museum

We have had a busy summer already. We've gone to Mobile (crawfish party), to Madison, GA (Mommy's triathlon), Orange Beach (to savor the clean beach one last time), to Auburn, AL (for Landon's wedding). We managed to squeeze in a trip to the Atlanta Children's Museum in between packing & unpacking :-)