Sunday, September 13, 2009

Aubie and Reilly

Remember last year when Reilly had no qualms with Aubie holding him? Well, those days are over.

Aubie And Hannah

Hannah was psyched up to see Aubie this week. Even said she was going to let him hold her. Well, if you predicted she'd fall through on that promise, you'd be correct.

Auburn Family

Here's our Auburn family enjoying Tiger Walk. Well, except for Brandon.

One for the Highschool Yearbook

If they have those when Reilly's in school :)

Dirty Old Men

We tried to get Hannah to get a picture with the cheerleaders/Tiger Pause too. She transformed into shy Hannah and would not do it.

So, the "dirty old men" of the group couldn't let this rare opportunity pass them by!

Good Friends

I hope.

Week 2 is in the books, but Hannah and Reilly didn't see it all.

Hannah and Reilly went to their second Auburn game of the year. The first week they were perfect. This second week of the season, they were good, but got a little sleepy during the game... Here is the proof. -Daddy