Saturday, February 02, 2008

Our Apologies

We apologize for not posting pictures lately. Momma's had the flu and Daddy's been SuperDad! Although we don't have a picture of it, something rather funny did happen today.

First, some background: For the past week, Hannah has slept in her "big girl bed". As a threat to her, we left the crib up just in case we ran into any "issues". She's done pretty well converting to the bed, so we had full intentions of taking down the crib today.

So at nap time today, Momma heard Hannah talking through the monitor. Her voice slowly got further and further away. Momma ran in to make sure she was okay. She was standing on the side of her bed trying to touch her butterflies that are suspended from the ceiling. YIKES. THEN, Momma noticed that Lola (the cow that swings in her room about 2 feet from the ceiling) was IN HER BED. Momma said, "Hannah, how did Lola get in your bed?". Hannah promptly said "Oh, I climb in my crib and I got her down".

Note to self: Take the crib out. Tie Hannah to her big girl bed.