Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hannah loves her new brother...

... and loves to hold him too. Hannah and Reilly helped put him to sleep today when Mom was busy. They are big helpers for us... at times.
Great pictures Mom!

More gifts

Here are more of his gifts... Notice how Hannah is hovering over him waiting for a chance to steal the new toy out from under him, like a dog under the dinner table? It might not bother Reilly all that much, but it drives Daddy crazy.


Here Reilly discovers he can shoot air-rockets in the house, and Mom and Dad will just laugh about it. Unlikes throwing balls around the house, which will land him in the timeout chair.


Reilly likes his new cars, trucks, and helicopter. He is really starting to like playing with more little boy toys. He has spent three years trying to play with Hannah's toys and chasing her around the house, soon he will be leading Sullivan around.

Reilly is a big boy...

Reilly turned 3 years old today! He was very proud and happy to turn 3, but it will really be big when he has his official party this weekend. Here are a few pictures from this evening when he opened his presents from his sister and parents. Sullivan couldn't make it to the store yet, but will try to go in a few days.

Reilly gets a new doggy from his sister! He quickly named the new doggy Halley (Bebe and Papa's dog's name)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Reilly's birthday is coming soon!

Reilly's birthday is coming soon, but he will not be in school for his actual birthday, so they had a party for him early. Reilly will turn 3 on May 17th, but he already enjoyed these puppy cupcakes Mom made this week. Great job Mom. -Andrew

For the record, Daddy didn't get to eat one.

Cecilia is a proud cousin

Hannah, Reilly, and Sullivan's cousins came over to hang out for a day from Birmingham. They all enjoyed playing, but Cecilia was particularly proud to hold Sullivan. It is quite fun to see the cousins enjoying playing with each other. We hope to get together at the beach this summer!

Vin and Mary Murphy stopped by...

Thanks to Vin and Mary Murphy for stopping by to see our newly expanded family. They live in Mobile, AL and made the trip all the way to see us after Sullivan was born... Or maybe it was to see their daughter who lives close by, no it must have been to see us. -Andrew

One more...

I found one more of Great Grandma Curran and all the kids...