Sunday, October 05, 2008

Brother and Sister- Great friends, so far...

Hannah and Reilly are getting along really well so far. Hannah has shown some jealousy in the past, and a little bit of jealousy of Reilly's time with Momma in the last week, however, over all, she could not be better with her brother. While taking pictures of Reilly, she decided to get in the picture with him, and it came out very well.

Hannah has gotten pretty good about posing for the family photographer, however sometimes she is just in a somber mood. Hannah was a little jealous that Reilly was getting all the camera lens time, so she asked for some glamour shots. This one was less glamorous than desired.

Reilly sits, and likes it.

Reilly spent some time with Hannah and Daddy this morning, while Momma got to sleep in. Reilly likes his seat where he can sit up and watch everything going on.

Lazy Pajama Morning

On Fridays, we don't have to run out the door to dance or school or any other activities. Sometimes we stay in our jammies longer than we should!