Friday, May 09, 2008

Baby Update

Nothing has changed. Boo!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hannah and super huge babydoll. Thanks to Bebe and Papa for giving this huge babydoll to Hannah. It's disturbing when we go in to give her one last kiss goodnight and we can't tell which head's is Hannah's! She has really enjoyed playing with her.

Hannah has some crazy hair in the mornings now. If you look really closely, you can see the same disgusted look in her eyes as her mother when I try to take a similar picture of her.

Hannah is getting ready for the new baby to arrive. Ever since the newborn baby equipment has been emerging (car seats, strollers, etc.), Hannah seems to practicing "helping" with the baby.

Here Hannah is getting a puzzle out to play with the baby (doll), in her high chair no less.

Another "Thank You" to Brian Coker

Readers from the beginning might recognize our baby changing table. The table was made for Hannah by Brian Coker about 2.5 years ago. We wanted Brian to know that the new baby will get to use it this time around. Thanks again Brian.

You can most likely tell that Momma did not post this picture. She is not proud of the picture, but to her credit she did allow me to post it. There were some other versions of this post that she would not allow to be posted.

Stephanie is doing very well as the pregnancy reaches its final week. We are anxious to figure out if there is a boy or a girl in there.

Little Imaginative One

So this week has been trying with our little "imaginative one". First, she was rescued from a 12 foot ladder at the park the other day by a maintenance man. No way for "oh-so-pregnant" Mommy to climb up to get her. Then, during naptime, she decided to play monkey and hang from her curtains. This wouldn't have been so bad if she had not had an explosive #2 in her diaper at the time. Yep, #2 on the curtains. Then yesterday, she found a pen while Mommy was in the shower. She decided Mommy and Daddy's sheets were "signature" sheets.

So I think God is trying to tell me to be patient on the arrival of baby #2. I will listen and try to enjoy the last days of my alone time with my "oh-so-challenging" toddler.

Somebody needs to bring me a stiff drink to the hospital. Who's volunteering?