Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yummy Toes!

Storytime with a Twist

We've stumbled upon this awesome place here in Roswell that does a **free** storytime once a month. It's not just any storytime. It's a storytime that lets the kids act out the story. The story today was Boogie Knights. The premise of the story was the Knights are sleeping watching the castle while the "Halloween" characters were having a dance party in the basement. The Halloween characters consisted of ghosts, witches, wear-wolves, aliens, etc.

Hannah jumped up at the chance to be a knight in the story. Her role was to "sleep" on stage while the others were having a party. She did ok, but you could tell she really wanted to be on the party side. (who can blame her!). Reilly was chosen to be the alien. And a good alien, he was. He basically stood on stage, did what he was told and acted the part of the partying alien. One by one, the knights joined the party. Hannah was excited to join the partying Halloween characters! Here are a few photos from the storytime. I highly recommend it for any locals!
Reilly is in the back as the alien. Hannah is in the foreground as a Knight (dressed in a Viking hat!)
"How Do I Look?"
Reilly the Alien trying to keep his hat on!
...and it slips below his eyes.
After the Knights join the party, they do the Conga!
So Giddy to be on stage!
After the Boogie, they all go to sleep.
...but not Hannah!

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Today, we went for our annual photo shoot at the pumpkin patch. It's definitely more difficult to get pictures of 3 kids.
Check out Reilly's eye roll. That comes from the Chambers side.
Maybe if we hang him upside down, he'll have fun?!

That's better. Except Daddy decided to mock Reilly who is now smiling. Oh well!

Momma & Sullivan!

Sullivan was happy for half the time.

I love this candid of them. They really do love playing with each other.
Meanwhile, Sullivan is hanging out in the pumpkins!
We have to admit. After several not so good pics of Reilly, we bribed them with a doughnut. It worked for a little while, but then....
we decided maybe we'd like a "mean face" pumpkin picture.

We all left happy on our way to the doughnut store.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sullivan- the best little baby. Ever.

Sullivan, thus far, has been a very easy baby. He hardly ever cries. Always Smiles. Always Giggles. Always laughs out loud when his brother and sister enter the room. He goes to sleep with nothing. No sassy. No blankie. You put him in his bed and he's out. Til morning. If I have to wake him up abruptly, he doesn't cry.

So it doesn't surprise me that without a peep, he has not 1--but 2 first teeth! Wahoo for Sullivan!

Hannah, the Entertainer

Hannah, now a Kindergartner, rides the bus pretty much everyday. We live in a very large neighborhood with a LOT of neighborhood kids on her bus. I found out the other day from another parent that Hannah has been singing - on the loud speaker- to the entire bus. Friday's song was "You Are My Sunshine"- a song I started singing to her when she was days old!

She will always be my sunshine! I love her independent, self-confident little spirit!

Vintage or Dated?

So "G" gave Stephanie an old hat that Andrew used to wear as a kid, in 1976, 34 years ago, with a slightly rusted metal fastener. Stephanie loves it, and thinks Sullivan looks great in it. Andrew thinks Sullivan looks like a girl in that hat and doesn't think Sullivan should be subjected to mental anguish this early in life. So the question becomes, is a 34 year old hand me down hat "vintage" or is it "dated"? Feel free to comment below.