Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hannah got her first Auburn outfit this week. Hannah and her mother have not been able to get to an Auburn game this year, but have been watching the games on TV. Hannah's father wishes she and her mother could come to the games. Hannah's eyes lit up when she saw her first Auburn onesie!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hannah Updates

A little birdie (Carol Malone) emailed me to remind me I was neglecting my
little internet star and her fans. Sorry for the delay in posting more
pictures. Hannah is a hand full and sometimes is it is difficult to get new
pictures up on the site. Cash donations made out to "Hannah's Daddy" will
guarantee more pictures and comments posted on the site. If you become a
"Gold Level" donor a free photo shot will be included with the star.

Here Brandon is trying his best to play with Hannah, but as you can see she is transfixed on the big college football game on the TV. Notice her left hand is clenched in a fist, later she cold coked Brandon when he walked in front of the TV and blocked her view.

Jay McCowen is serving in Afghanistan for at least one year. We all got together to take a picture to send him and tell him we are all thinking about him. Jay is able to send email updates and has been able to call here and there. We all miss him and are all looking forward to his safe return when his first child is born. We all owe him a great debt of gratitude.

"Drooling is my business... And business is good!" Hannah is a big Metallica fan, and she is seen here wearing her favorite onesie. This was her outfit for the "Party Like a Rock Star" birthday party for Matt Williamson. Matt is now old, very old, like 1440 weeks old, 1430 more than Hannah.

Life is not always a party, but this was. Hannah was getting tired and from the looks of things so was her mother. Don't tell anyone, but to be the life of the party all you have to do is wear a burp cloth on your shoulder.

Hannah is the smartest 10 week old ever, here she is singing the Auburn fight song and performing all the hand motions. Wow that is smart.

Hannah might look happy here, but she is actually upset the camera was blocking her view of the Auburn game.

Hannah enjoyed watching the Auburn football game on Jay McCowen's big screen tv in ATL (being kept safe at Brandon's house). You can see that Auburn was winning the game. Hannah felt like she was at the game watching it on a TV many times bigger than she is. Hannah could not keep her eyes off this TV the whole time she was there.