Tuesday, April 08, 2008

All Over

Hannah: "Momma, where is McDonald's?"
Momma: "They're all over"
Hannah: "Where is 'all over'?"
Momma: "All over is everywhere. It means all over the place."
Hannah: "Momma, where is all over?"
Momma: (pause to think of OTHER words for All OVER) "Hannah, all over means everywhere, every corner, all over the place."
Hannah: long pause and then EMPHATICALLY SAYS.."Momma, all over goes Ruff Ruff. Where is he?"
Momma: "OH!!!!!!!!!!!... you mean OLIVER. Oliver, the dog, is at Candice's house."
hysterical laughing ensues
Hannah: "So Oliver is all over the place".
Momma: "Yep. He sure is."

[Oliver is Candice's dog who Hannah sees when we visit.]