Saturday, March 17, 2007

Remember when...

If you have a child you probably remember when that child would sit with you, before that child discovered mobility and freedom. That is when this picture was taken, before Hannah could move freely and run around. Stephanie and I remember that day. That is why this is a great picture, back when Hannah would behave and sit with Daddy for long periods of time. Those days are gone; it is rare when we can get her to do that now. Daddy does know how to get her to do it, threaten to put her in her bed, she will cling on to you like she is falling off a cliff. It is cheap, but Daddy uses it often!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hannah doesn't want to leave

When class was over and it was time to go, Hannah did not want to give up her mats. It might be because she feels tall on top of the mats. That does it from the first gymnastics class.

Hannah has gotten very attached to this necklace. She does love wearing it all the time.

And here Hannah is getting her Stamps. All the kids got stamps, but the "instructor" could not help but give Hannah more stamps than everyone else. Hannah just can not turn it off.

More Bubbles!

Just more Bubbles.

At the end of gym class, Bubbles and Stamps are awarded. Here are the bubbles.

I am not sure how they find her, but Hannah has fans everywhere she goes. This random guy was incredibly impressed with Hannah's ability to stand in one place and do nothing at the same time.

A "small" reminder

Every once in a while I like to put something up to give you perspective on how small Hannah is. This should do the trick. -Daddy

The gym had a neat area where you could jump into a pile of soft foam padding. Momma and Hannah jumped in with Evan and his mother Pam. Later, Momma recanted the experience describing the foam padding as smelling like "sweaty people". Momma did not get back in the next week, however she did not mind throwing her daughter back in.

Hannah doesn't follow the rules...

While everyone was supposed to be sitting in a circle on the floor (except the photographer), Hannah decided she did not want to follow the plan.

Doesn't it look like Hannah is flying down the slide with certain peril waiting for her at the bottom? Well, actually it took her about 2 minutes to get all the way down the slide, cheating with her feet.

Hannah also liked playing on the slide, but as you can see she did not have socks on. Hannah was able to cheat on the slide by slowing herself down with her feet. This past Monday, Momma made sure Hannah had socks on!

Hannah did not mind other girls getting on the mats with her, but she did not want to get down.

Queen of the matts.

Early in the gymnastics "class", Hannah found the top of these matts. She was unwilling to get down to explore the other toys. Momma had to drag her down to get her to play with other toys and kids.

You might recognize Evan from another post. Apparently co-management has decided Hannah and Evan will be getting married in the future. This member of management is not ready to give Hannah's hand away in marriage.

First Gymnastics class

Hannah and Momma had their first day at gymnastics class last week (management is behind). Hannah had a great time and really played well with all the gym toys.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Future Husband

His name is Evan and we're in love, Mom & Dad. We're moving to Europe after our wedding.

Queen Hannah

Until my Mom orders my new "queen gloves", I guess these socks will have to do. By the way, where is my tiara, lady?