Saturday, November 06, 2010

Hannah's first soccer game...

My high school soccer coach used to get made at us when we all ran to the ball. He called it the flies to crap theory... You can see why here.

NOTE- Hannah is on the green team, and is the only one with a box in her hair.

Click on the video twice to see it widescreen.

Reilly is on the phone

Click on the video twice to see it widescreen.

Hannah and Reilly pick out a pumpkin...

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Hannah and Reilly playing soccer

You can click on the video and open it widescreen. YouTube made a change recently that makes the videos wider than our webpage can display.

Friday, November 05, 2010

The Little Terminator

Reilly looks like a little terminator with his shades, except for the football shirt and the Capri Sun.

Halloween 2010 group

Here is the 2010 Halloween Team!

The family of 4, for now.

Here we are, in all our glory.
Halloween 2010 trivia- About 4 hours after this picture was taken, Daddy got really sick!

Add a Zombie Astronaut

We all went to Hannah's BFF's house (Evan) for a little Halloween party. Evan is a Zombie Astronaut and he is the best one we saw that night.
As you can see, Reilly is starting his night FULL of eating candy. He rode around in the wagon most of the night eating lollipops and any other candy he could get his hands on without us watching.

Direct Sunlight = Crappy pictures

So... Stephanie demanded we take a picture on the front porch and despite the family photographer pointing out the direct sunlight problems, she still insisted.. So here they are.

Brother and sister together

They make a cute brother and sister couple, next year they will have to make room for one more.

Mighty Mouse!

Reilly rocked Halloween as Mighty Mouse, the forgotten 1970s? cartoon character. It is funny almost no one we asked knew who Mighty Mouse was. I remember the show, but then again I did just turn 35. -Daddy

Strawberry Shortcake

Check out the homemade Strawberry Shortcake costume Stephanie made! She did a great job and Hannah, as you can tell, loved the costume. She wore it several times leading up to Halloween, and she was very proud every time she wore it.

There is the look!

Sometimes, as a husband, you have to worry when your wife constantly watches shows like, "I almost got away with it", "CSI- Wherever", and "Snapped". I'm just saying.

I love you Stephanie, don’t hurt me. -Daddy

Halloween pictures!

Now that Halloween and come and gone, and our friends are complaining of a lack of Halloween pictures... I present to you some Halloween pictures!

You can't see it from this angle, but Stephanie looks quite scary with a large knife in her hands. I had to protect the children. -Daddy

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I Can't Make This Stuff Up

Reilly (wearing Toy Story underwear) announces to his father:

"Daddy, I have Woody in my underpants!"

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween tonight...

Hannah and Reilly are getting excited about Halloween tonight! Reilly is still resting, but Hannah is already asking to put on her costume. She will be Strawberry Shortcake and Reilly is going to be Mighty Mouse!

Hannah's Soccer Medal!

Coach Jeff also gave Hannah her soccer medal! Hannah and I (Daddy) posted the team picture together and she wanted to show off her metal too!

Hannah's first soccer team!

Coach Jeff just came by and dropped off Hannah's first soccer team picture! Thanks to Coach Jeff for a great first year!