Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day

Yesterday, we got about 2-3 inches of (very rare) snow! We had a blast playing in it yesterday and today. However, we are thankful that we don't live any farther north!

Reilly's happy while he's on the driveway - NOT TOUCHING THE SNOW!

While Hannah LOVES every bit of it!

Mommy makes a snow angel.

...a successful snow angel!

Hannah makes one too!
Reilly is NOT a fan of getting his hands dirty...especially when "dirty" is cold. (Don't worry, he now has a pair of gloves for the next predicted snow coming tomorrow.)

Thanks G & Pop for our "snowman kit". He makes a super cute snowman!

Reilly posing with the snowman. He went inside while Mommy & Hannah built it. He was kind enough to come back outside for the photo shoot.
This would be our 3rd snowman. The first 2 crumpled. We're blaming the first two on an inexperienced snowman builder from LA (lower alabama). After the first 2 crumbled, Hannah suggested we build a "snow friend". Maybe that would be easier.

Hannah & Daddy pose with our snowman.

Pop's 70th birthday!

Pop recently celebrated his 70th birthday, but he didn't know about the party!

Hannah and Reilly didn't know about the party either, they would have given it away. They loved the cake!

What better time...

What better time to update the webpage than when you are snowed in! OK, we aren't really snowed in, but we aren't going out either. Here are some random pictures I found in the archives!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Mackie!


We are so very proud to be your godparents. We were absolutely honored when your parents asked us to be your godparents 7 years ago. We are so proud of you and the young lady that you are becoming. You are a loving, caring, sweet, well-mannered, beautiful little girl. We love you so so much!

Have a very special 7th Birthday! Don't worry, we'll send a present too :)

Uncle Andrew & Aunt Stephanie

Baby Charlie is Here!!!

Cecilia is going to be an awesome big sister!

Here's what they're thinking:
Reilly - Hey, that little thing just moved. I think I'll touch it.
Hannah - I wish I could go live with them. This is fun!
Cecilia - Don't get any bright ideas. This is MY brother!
Charlie - Milk is good!

In the hotel room, Reilly & Hannah were snuggling. Too cute not to capture!

Close up of Charlie.