Saturday, August 02, 2008

Know Your States

As most of you know, Hannah's vocabulary is very "advanced". This week we started working with her on the states. I never thought about it, but most of the state names are mouth-fulls. So, we practice saying them all and Hannah nails pretty much all of them. New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Massachusettes, Colorado, Washington, Oklahoma, Alabama, Rhode Island... You get the picture. After running out of states to get Hannah to say, she looks at Daddy and says "Is that all you got, Daddy?".

We cracked up. I guess we should start working on state capitals!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not HER again!

Daddy, I thought this was my time with you. Do you have to hold HER at the same time?


Help! I'm Sinking!

Today, Reilly decided he didn't want to be in the bouncy seat. He didn't want to be in the swing. He didn't want to be on his mat. All that would appease him was for me to hold him. Well, I just can't hold him all day long (as much as I would love to!). So, I drug out the exersaucer/jumpy thing out of the basement. He looked so lost in that thing. He barely could touch the ground. He lasted only about 10 minutes in it (longer than the other "stations"). Hannah thought it was hilarious!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Do you see any pictures out of place. How about the party guest blowing out Hannah's candles? I love the expression you can see forming on Hannah's face when that happened. In the end, re-lighting the candles and blowing them out again was enough to make Hannah happy. It was a great party for Hannah, maybe the first one she will really remember when she gets older.

The next event at the party was make your own pizza, with the 3 year olds at the controls. They sprayed pizza sauce onto bagels, put pepperoni on it, and placed cheese on top. Momma baked them and served them up to the kids. These pizzas were the perfect food for the kids. I can say that now, because no pizza sauce hit my leather couches. I feel really good about that. -Daddy

Hannah's boyfriend Evan got into the action with his puppet.

At Hannah's party, all the kids made their own puppet and put on their own show in the theater. I am not sure where Momma got the idea, but it was a good one, especially since there was no way Daddy was going to put on a show.

Well overdue, however these are pictures from Hannah's 3rd birthday party at home. Third party as in she had three parties this year, not that she is 3.