Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Hannah had a good day out. More pictures to come soon...

I guess even after being cooped up in the house all winter, you can still get bored when you finally get out. Here Hannah seems to be very distracted by her hand.

You can ell Hannah was really ready to get out of the house and ride around.

Hannah really likes this chew toy. She seems to be chewing on everything now, but she does not yet have any teeth. I am not looking forward to those new sharp little choppers chewing into my leather couches, or chair, or my arm. -Andrew

It finally seems as though winter is over in here at home. Hannah got a big day out (OK, maybe 30 minutes) to walk around the neighborhood with her parents. She seemed to enjoy her time in the stroller today.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

As you can imagine Hannah was a little surprised about being photographed while she was naked in the bath. I guess she is going to have to get used to people always trying to take her picture, just like the rest of the stars.

Mommy has starting taking Hannah's clothes off prior to feeding her "solid" food. This pictures shows why that is a good idea. Just looking at it makes me hungry for some squash and sweet potatoes. -Andrew

Kat and Brandon were getting ready to leave and Kat was saying her goodbyes to Hannah. Hannah really enjoyed spending time with them this weekend. She was wiped out and tired when they left, but she loves to see her friends from Atlanta. Brandon and Kat are going to keep Hannah one day for Stephanie and Andrew so they can have a night out on the town in ATL.

This is not Hannah's new walker, but a gift from Danielle Nicholas (Andrew's Sister - Hannah's Aunt). Danielle gave Hannah a lot of toys and we slowly give them to Hannah. She was very excited about the new toy and new walker Stephanie and Kat were working so hard to assemble.

Brandon got his turn to say goodbye to Hannah. Hannah realized what was going on and got very upset that they were about to leave.

Kat and Hannah were distracted by the TV, but it provided a nice picture opportunity. They might actually have been tired of the flash going off in their faces and just looked away when I got the camera out again. -Andrew

Stephanie and Kat bought a new walker for Hannah to play with. As an engineer, I greatly enjoyed watching the Management Information Systems (Computer) and Accountant/Financial specialist follow the technical directions (12 steps) to assemble to toy. -Andrew

Hannah was acting shy when Kat was trying to play with her. Hannah was burying her head in Mommy's legs. She might have been scared Kat was going to pick her up and her head was going to hit the ceiling, but that is just a guess.

Brandon then decided to tease Hannah a little bit with his freakishly long arms. Brandon and Kat are both very tall, especially when compared to the Chambers family members. Hannah even gets a little frightened when they hold her and stand up. Hannah would get her revenge on Brandon shortly after this picture was taken, when she spit-up on his nice sweater. That's my girl! -Andrew

Brandon and Kat came to visit from Atlanta. For those of you who have been reading Hannah's site from the beginning, you will remember that Brandon and Kat are our Auburn football buddies. They enjoyed seeing Hannah during football season, but had not seen her in a while. They came over to see Hannah, and they say to see Stephanie and Andrew too. Brandon is seen here playing football with Hannah, where she was the ball.

Hannah and her daddy are really enjoying the new camera. She likes to pose for her daddy, and here you can really see how pretty her eyes are. What you can not see is how happy Hannah makes her mother and father.

Hannah enjoys playing with her Tumbling Tigger Toy. She is seen here trying to duplicate the handstands Tigger can do. She was not quite able to get it right, but got an "A" for effort.