Monday, August 03, 2009

Water Rocket!

Yesterday, I thought it would be fun to bring home a water rocket for Hannah and me to play with together (it is slightly to difficult for her to do by herself). When I came in the door with the rocket in the bag, I told Hannah I had a surprise for her. She was very excited about the rocket, and we quickly put some water in a cup and headed out the front door.
I figured I would show Hannah how it worked, then let her go crazy with it, however after a few minutes of fumbling around with the rocket and air pump we still had not had a lift-off. When I finally did get the rocket to launch, it was rather unremarkable. I tried a second time and was able to get the rocket to go a little higher, but only after about 10 minutes of messing around. The air pump was broken right out of the package, and would not put air into the rocket. Did I mention the rocket cost $4.99?
All the while I was fumbling around with the rocket, Hannah was just playing with the water. She was not taking notes about how to launch the rocket, since it would not launch. After I decided the rocket was broken, but before I told Hannah, she looked at me and said, "Daddy, I think this was not such a great surprise for me." I agreed, and we headed to the internet to buy one that works... Hopefully.