Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hannah also sat in her high chair for the first time today. She has never sat in the high chair to eat before. While there are not pictures of the aftermath, she wanted to "help" Stephanie which resulted in a big mess. Stephanie bought some new exotic food for Hannah today. Things most adults would not touch, but Hannah has never tried before. I am not sure what the plan is, but I told Stephanie I wanted to be ready with the camera when Hannah gets to eat new foods. -Andrew

Hannah enjoyed her first Christmas tree hunting trip today. The Chambers family drove 30 minutes out into the country side where Hannah's mother had heard about a farm that sells Christmas Trees, Hot Chocolate, and boiled peanuts. What she did not know is the farm does not sell Frasier Fur Christmas trees. Hannah and the family will be going out again tomorrow to find someone who does sell Frasier Furs.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Predictably, Gram is now Hannah's best friend after the whole icing incident. Hannah is really starting to develop, here she is sitting up pretty much on her own. I am not sure at what age children are supposed to be able to sit up, but I am sure Hannah is way ahead of the curve. -Andrew

Jillian, Hannah's godmother, was totally indifferent to the cake icing incident. She is a nurse and if she is not worried about Hannah having a little dessert for the first time, neither am I. -Andrew

Now Hannah knows what cake Icing tastes like. Gram (Stephanie's grandmother) gave Hannah a taste of icing and Stephanie was not excited about it. You can still see the evidence on Gram's finger. I was so distracted by Stephanie's reaction, I never got to see how Hannah enjoyed the icing. -Andrew

After a great time at the beach with G and Pop, Hannah traveled 1 hour West to BB and Papa's house. Papa was having a belated birthday dinner and Hannah was right there to enjoy it. She did not know what cake icing tasted like, yet...

After Hannah started to get upset Stephanie took her to calm her down. Of course Hannah's cousins wanted to continue to help.

Last it was McKay's turn. McKay is Andrew and Stephanie's goddaughter. She has not yet mastered the way to hold a child younger than herself, and at this point Hannah was reaching the end of her rope.

Next it was MaryKeenan's turn to hold Hannah. It is a good thing children of their age do not keep track of time very well. If they did someone would have felt like they got the short end of the stick.

The big sport for Hannah's cousins was to hold Hannah. All three girls were dieing to do so. After the girls played with Hannah in her jumpy seat, Hannah went to sleep. Stephanie brought Hannah back out for the girls to hold her, even though she was still asleep. It made for a cute picture. All three girls got to hold her.

The Nicholas girls all enjoyed time with Hannah, but Curran seems to be having the best time.

Hannah spent some time with her cousins over Thanksgiving break. From left to right: MaryKeenan, Curran, and McKay gave Hannah all of their attention while they were there.

There is something to be said about keeping the photographer behind the camera. I am not exactly sure what was going on here, but one thing is for certain... Hannah is very advanced. -Andrew

Stephanie complained a little bit about not having any pictures of Hannah with her Daddy on the website. Here you can see plain as day Hannah is enjoying her time with her father. She really likes being held up in the air and smiled just about any time you hold her up.

Hannah has really started to enjoy her "Johnnie Jump Up". She was not sure about it at first, but she really smiles big when she is in it now. In this picture it is a little more obvious.

Hannah has really started to enjoy her "Johnnie Jump Up". She was not sure about it at first, but she really smiles big when she is in it now.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

More to come...

Stephanie, Hannah, and Andrew made it back to their home in Augusta, GA at 8PM Sunday night.  Management posted the pictures below, but has another 300+ pictures to sort through.  Soon to follow are pictures of Hannah with her cousins, with her Grandfather (Papa) at his birthday dinner, and Hannah picking out a Christmas tree.  Hannah and her parents hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  -Management

At the end of the day Hannah, like any good model, was wiped out. She really gives it her all when she shows up on the job site. Although Hannah wanted to walk back to the car herself (she is very advanced for her age), Stephanie carried her back to the car at the end of the photo shoot. Stephanie is an excellent mother.

Everyone knows that models work very hard. It is very taxing on the body to stand in front of a camera for minutes a day making millions of dollars. Hannah demanded that she be given a break to relax and rest her aching legs. She also tried to get a little tan while on her union mandated break.

Hannah suffers from the same height issues that her father does... Here Stephanie tries to give Hannah a better look at the surrounding area from a higher vantage point. I think she was able to see over the rocks out into the water. -Andrew

Hannah is a hard working model. She still has not mastered standing on her own, although she is very advanced, so here Stephanie held her hand while standing on the beach. To be clear, Hannah's management believes she could have stood on her own, because she is so advanced, if the wind were not so strong that day.

Hannah had her first beach photo shoot this past weekend, Thanksgiving weekend. It was windy but Hannah really enjoyed being at the farthest point south in Alabama, Alabama Point. The photo shoot was just like the television show "Behind the scenes of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue", but totally different.