Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Magic of Santa

Hannah, like every other kid in the world is starting to hone in that Christmas (Santa) is right around the corner. On Sunday, we took her to the mall. As we strolled through, she saw Santa and said "Santa!". I said that we would come back another day for her to sit in Santa's lap and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. She was ok with that.

Fast forward to tonight. After Hannah woke up from her nap, I told her that we needed to write a letter to Santa to tell him what she wants for Christmas and also to let him know where she will be on Christmas, so he'll deliver her toys to the right house. I explained to her that Santa was at the North Pole working with his elves making toys for all the boys and girls. She looked at me and said, "Momma, he's at the mall. I'll go get my shoes."

I laughed inside and said you're right, Santa is at the mall. Let's go see him.