Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Santa Visit 2009

Reilly and Hannah went to visit Santa today. Reilly screamed his head off for the first couple minutes then warmed up to him. Hannah was very intrigued by him this year. She asked him where his reindeer were. Santa told her they were at the North Pole because it gets too warm in Georgia for them! Here are a couple pictures from the photo shoot....even included some outtakes!

Hey Lady, this man has a big furry beard and you just plopped me in his lap like I'm supposed to like this.

I'm gettin' the heck outta here. I bet I can run faster than him.

The sweetest moment. Captured!

Wait, now I feel like I'm getting left out.

Hey Mister, do you think I could climb back up and tell you what I want for Christmas? No way you're leaving toys for her and not me!

I guess I can fake it if it means I get toys!