Monday, April 29, 2013

Sullivan 2 Year Stats

Weight - 26 lbs 15.5oz (38%)
Height - 32 3/4 in (12%)
Head - 50 cm (82%)

Sullivan is a happy healthy growing little boy.  He is so sweet to his brother and sister.  He uses full sentences at times. The other day I drug him around the mall for over an hour shopping.  Towards the end he said "I wide hosey now mama, peees." [translation: I ride (carousel) horsey now momma, please] How could I say no?  He uses his manners most of the time - tank tu, pees, yes aam, no aam, etc.  He runs and jumps and loves to play outside.  This kid was born to play soccer because any ball he puts on the ground, he tries to kick it.  Even the tball set we gave him for his birthday!  He loved having a birthday.  He ran around the house for days after and sang "happy happy erday"!

[note: the candle is in sorbet not ice cream.  He still has an allergy to dairy & egg]