Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hannah had a great Halloween and hopes all of her loyal readers did too!

Here is Hannah at one of her first stops. Note how big the Pumpkin is compared to Hannah!

Getting a good picture of Hannah with her lights on at night was difficult, and this was the best the photographer could do. But you can tell she had Christmas lights on her costume. It was very cute.

Going back in time a bit, Hannah is getting ready to go out for Halloween. Her mother and father were shocked that she wore the costume with pride all night. Normally she does not like hats, however she did not mind this hat at all.

G wanted to hang on to Hannah for a minute, but as you can see Hannah wanted to get back in the wagon.

If you did not already notice the "Shiner" in the other pictures, you can really see it in this picture. You should see what she did to the other kid. Let's just say that kid will never tangle with Hannah "The Destroyer" Chambers again.

Hannah is giving us a great view of her 4 teeth. They are sharp! Hannah is now learning not to bite. She really does not do it often, however when she does bite you, you know it.

It will be some time before Hannah out-grows this wagon. She might be about 13 before she gets to big to fit in it.

Hannah enjoys riding with her hand outside the wagon. She was cruising all over the neighborhood like this. She was much cooler than those other kids with smaller wagons.

G and Pop got to pose with Hannah in her wagon.

Pop got to take Hannah around a little bit. It was Hannah's first ride, and she had not yet made up her mind that she liked it. Later you could tell she really enjoyed the ride.

If you could not tell from the last picture, Hannah and Daddy got the All Terrain Wagon. Note the huge wheels. It is like a Hummer or Escalade for children.

Hannah got a new toy for Daddy's birthday... Daddy got a red wagon to take Hannah around on Halloween night. Here she saw the red wagon for the first time, and you could just tell she knew it was for her... Even though it was given to Daddy for his birthday.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hannah would like to announce... (read her shirt)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I'll sing Christmas Carols for candy!

trick or treat! (she got treats at this house)

I'm goin' in. My buddies tell me they have more blow pops!

Until Management does some "editing" of the halloween pictures, here's some so you can see our little christmas tree!