Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Party

This past weekend, we went to a birthday party. Andrew was the photographer. Here are 2 pics of our kids from the party!

New Yard

Mommy is so excited to have a newly landscaped backyard. We used to have tons of trees that backed up to our house, but they have been cut down. With our new full sun backyard, we can finally plant grass! We do miss our trees, but are excited to have grass for the kids to run in.

Reilly Sleeping

Reilly does not seem to want to take naps in his bed. I often find him under the bed when I go in to get him! I (unlike Daddy) don't really care where he naps, as long as he naps!

Soccer Time

Once again, Hannah is playing soccer. While Hannah is not the most aggressive or athletic kid on the field, she does have fun. That's what it's all about-- at this age anyway!

Mommy's Little Bakers

A couple weeks ago (I know.. shame on me for not posting sooner), we made some cupcakes. Here are a couple pictures of them "helping".