Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Official

We have a "puller-upper"!! And he's so proud of himself!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wedding Weekend

2 weekends ago, our family was honored to be a big part of Candice & Brian's wedding. Hannah was the flower girl, Reilly was the ring bear(er), I was the matron of honor, and Andrew was the photographer. It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding! Here are a few keepers!

I can't even describe the excitement they had over being in the wedding!

playing in the grass between pictures

My sweet Hannah makes me smile!

I think she may be up to no good here!

the bridesmaids, the beautiful bride and Hannah!

hammin' it up for their daddy, the photographer!

Curran was a lifesaver for Andrew by coming to help him take pictures. She is Hannah's idol!

Hannah & Reilly loved being in the top deck of the double decker bus. Reilly thought it was super cool to be scraping the trees on the way to the church.

G & Sullivan. This is one of the few pictures of him from the wedding.

if only Sullivan had looked at the camera :(

Oh yeah... and Daddy was there too! This is the only picture of Andrew. Thanks to Curran for taking his picture!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Reilly's School- "Donuts for Dads"

Reilly had Donuts for Dads a short while ago (I'm not that far behind)! At Donuts for Dad's, each kid and Dad has to draw the other. Reilly seems to think I am a space alien, but I am OK with that. Reilly had gone to vote in the primary with me that morning, so he was wearing my "I voted sticker"

Shortly before that day, he found an old digital/analog watch in my drawer and asked if he could wear it. It has a Velcro strap, so it could fit on his wrist well enough.
The battery was dead, so Mom get him a new one. He loved it before it worked, and after he found out it has a green light (when the battery is new) he could no longer be separated from that watch. He proudly showed it off to his teachers and anyone else who would listen to how he scored it from his dad.

These are some pictures from that morning.

Hannah - Basketball season is over...

Hannah had fun playing basketball this season. She learned a lot and really improved toward the end of the season. We don't yet know if she will play again, but if we asked her today, I bet she would want to play again.

Hannah- The good sister

Hannah loves her littlest brother. She is a good big sister, and helps a lot with both Sullivan and Reilly.

Reilly- A hockey story

Reilly is getting to be a big kid. He really is a cute, fun, little boy. He recently wrote at school that he likes to give his Daddy "Big Squeezes" (hugs). Everyone morning he tells me that he has something for me... And runs up to give me a hug.

A recent story... He was watching Ice Hockey with me tonight while his sister was working on an art project with mom. There was a big fight in the hockey game and there ended up being some blood on the ice. Hannah turned to see the ice crew cleaning the blood off the ice when she asked, "Daddy, what is that on the ice?". Like any good parent I lied and told her it was paint that fell on the ice. Reilly spoke up to correct the record, "Na-uh Sissy, that is blood". He will be a hockey player.

These two pictures were taken during Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011

G and Pop stopped in for some time with the grand-kids, and by default with Andrew and Stephanie too.

Pop got a new MacBook Pro! G and Pop took turns entertaining Sullivan.

Catching up, or at least trying...

Yes, we are way behind on posting to the site. Here are some that show how behind we are...