Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Boo" Box

I get so excited about "boo" boxes, my hair sticks out!

Sleepy Head

Apparently, peanut butter wears Hannah out.

Monday, May 21, 2007

So after the kids were off to their babysitters, the Atlanta/Augusta crew got together and relaxed while eating some very tasty crawfish. This was the 10th annual party, and it may have been the last. Stephanie and Andrew really appreciate all of our friends coming to annual party. Stephanie and Andrew hope there will be more parties in the future, but if not, we might have to start a new tradition in Atlanta.

Daddy was asked (by Momma) to watch Hannah and make sure she does not get pinched by a live crawfish. As a responsible Dad, Daddy asked the nearest cousin to watch Hannah so he could continue to take pictures. McKay did a great job watching out for Hannah and protecting her. Good thing too, as Daddy would have been in big trouble if Hannah got pinched.

You would be surprised how tasty a plastic crawfish can be after it has survived 10 annual crawfish parties.

This is more like it. Instead of Bud Light and cooked crawfish, Hannah is now partying with a plastic crawfish and a Capri Sun! Then she was off to hang out with Aunt Debbie while the irresponsible adults partied the night away!

Hannah did pretty well not touching the crawfish when no one was watching (or when she thought no one was watching). She did get very close to getting bit a couple times, however she made it unscathed.

Pop got to hold Hannah. That was a big deal because all Hannah wanted to do was touch more live crawfish. She would change her tune if a live crawfish got its claws on her hand.

Here, Hannah actually got her hands on one. Knowing Hannah's mother, I do not think that was the plan.

Hannah made an appearance at the "Pre-Crawfish" party. About 1-2 hours prior to the adults arriving for the party, the kids get out and play/taunt the live crawfish. This year was the first time Hannah was able to check out the live crawfish. As you can see, she was not exactly sure what to think about them.