Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Carnival

Every year our neighborhood has a Halloween Carnival. The kids dress up in their Halloween costumes and enjoy the activities: Face Painting, Cotton Candy, Pony Rides, Jump House, Bean Bag Toss, Hay Ride, Popcorn, Hot dogs, Cookie decorating, Cake Walk, Clowns, etc. It's a WHOLE lot of fun! Makes ME want to be a kid again! You can't tell by what they're wearing, but Hannah is a good witch this year (her hat was quickly removed) and Reilly is a broom. (I had to take off the broom so he could play.)

(in a yankee accent) Yo, I'm eating my hotdog right now. Would you mind not taking my *expletive* picture right now?

(in yankee accent again) Just chillin' wit my homies, yo.

Four scores and seven years ago....

posing to show off that since she's a good witch she got a pretty flower on her face.

Being a ham.

appropriate :)

Well, that's it folks!

One Good Thing

from going to the AU/Kentucky game was meeting Ronnie Brown!