Saturday, August 01, 2009

Reilly at "Play"

Reilly has not figured out that you slide down slides, not walk up them. Reilly, Hannah, and Daddy went to a local kids place called "Play" where Reilly only wanted to walk up this slide, but never could make it. Sorry for the thumb in the video, I am still getting used to my new iPhone and using it as my video camera. -Andrew

Reilly's new hat.

Reilly got a new hat last night. It is hard to see here, but it has a cute little tiger on it. If you ask him how a tiger goes, he will growl at you! -Andrew

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"This is why we can not have nice things." Ever heard that one? I did as a kid, and now I am understanding the saying. While Hannah broke the glass, the picture was next to her bookcase, and she dropped a book on it. We really can't blame her for it, but I still like the saying. -Andrew

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

God Fixes Chairs

This morning I was trying to fix the ottoman in Reilly's room. Hannah was roaming about as she usually does. I was starting to get frustrated because I couldn't figure out how to fix it. Hannah speaks up and says:

H - "Momma, don't worry. I'll ask God to help you."
S - "Oh, Thanks Hannah. I could use His help."
H - "OK. He's on His way! He's on His Way!"
S - (still battling with the chair) "Thanks. Good to know."
H - "He's Here Momma, He's Here!" (as she jumps up and down and all around!)

Miraculously, just then the chair was fixed. I love that my little one has faith in God already! I want her to always have that enthusiasm for Him!

Reilly gets his teeth brushed for the first time.