Friday, December 22, 2006

After it was all over, Hannah got her first present from Santa this year (the pictures her parents bought for her).

Santa was brave enough to let the whole family sit on his lap. I believe he will wake up tomorrow with a right knee problem.

Santa staring her down did not help much either.

She did not change her mind the whole time Santa was holding her, she really did not like him. Actually, she was a little tired, and did not like a whole lot of people today.

And now she has made up her mind, and she does not like him.

Hannah still has not yet made her mind up about this guy at the mall.

Although she is still not really sure about this guy in the red suit.

Once Mamma stood next to Santa, Hannah was a little more receptive to sitting with the man at the mall that she did not know (as you will see soon).

Hannah went to see Santa today! Santa usually gives presents to the little children, however this Santa really wanted Hannah's water bottle. Or he wanted Hannah to come over, I am not sure which.