Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Coming Attractions-
Pictures from Hannah's first birthday party,
Video of her eating her birthday cake all by herself,
Pictures of her eating the cake,
The Cake itself,
Hannah standing next to the cake (before and after)
Hannah solving math puzzles,
Hannah water skiing, base jumping, and balancing plates on sticks
Other advanced things.

But she continues to dislike different feelings on her feet. Although she had these shoes on, she was upset when we made her walk on the tree bark, or "jagged Sticks of death" as she calls them. Momma and Daddy walked a couple steps away and asked her to walk to us. Hannah stood in one place refusing to move for at least 3 minutes. She was not crying, she just did not feel like moving over the "jagged sticks of death." Eventually she got over it, and we went home for the night.

Most of all Hannah liked spending some quite moments with Momma on the swing together. -Daddy

Hannah also liked the slide, but maybe not as much as this picture shows. She seemed to be a little scared when we let her slide down it, at least the first couple times. She puts on a very brave face for the camera.

You can really tell she enjoyed the swing, we will be taking her back there again really soon. -Momma and Daddy

You can see by this high speed image that Hannah has mastered the proper technique of pumping her feet to get higher in the swing. I would say this is an advanced thing to do, but that is far to obvious of a thing to say.

Hannah took her parents to the playground this weekend. She really liked the swing, although the swing was big enough to swallow her whole.

And again with the incorrect age. It is not that she is showing her incorrect age, she is showing you the equivalent advanced age she has achieved.

She insists that she is 3 or 4. Look she is showing you.

Hannah got a birthday present early. Mommy and Daddy surprised her with her first birthday box. Hannah's parents have always heard that babies/kids like the boxes more than what is inside, so we skipped the what's inside part.

It is almost Birthday time, and Hannah is getting warmed up. She is really looking forward to sinking both of her hands into that first birthday cake. It will look really good in her hair too.

Slowly but surely, Hannah is getting some hair. It is fun to see which direction it is going to end up after she plays around for a while. Momma tried desperately to brush it, but her hair goes where it wants to. I think Hannah is trying to duplicate Momma's big hair days back in the 80's.

Hannah discovered a baby doll in her room this week. She really loves holding it and hugging it. The doll was Stephanie's when she was young, and Hannah really likes her too. Hannah was nice enough to give us a little view of her two teeth in this picture.

We're Still Here

Hi. This is Hannah's Mom (aka the one without the camera). No, we have not abandoned our site. We do have some pictures that we've taken of lil' bit, but just haven't posted them. I will beg Pickle's Daddy (PDiddy) to post more pictures tonight. I think he got some good ones of us at the playground the other day!