Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve Mass

At Christmas Eve Mass, the priest asked the children to come sit on the altar for the gospel & homily. I asked Hannah if she'd like to go up to the altar and she said "Sure, Momma!". Hannah was by far the smallest child up there and had gotten shuffled to the back of the altar by where the priest & deacon sit. I watched as she saddled up next to the priest. [She was dressed in her beautiful white french handsewn dress (Thanks, G!). She really stood out in the sea of black & red that the rest of the children were wearing.] I could see that the priest was talking to her during the gospel (the deacon was reading the gospel). I have no idea what they were saying, but the priest was chuckling a little. So the deacon finishes reading the gospel and the priest picks Hannah up and puts her in his seat so he could go give the homily. She had instantly become "queen of the altar". He says, "I don't know if you all can see, but there is the most beautiful child up in my chair. I don't know her name, but she is just beautiful." I won't do it justice, but he tied Hannah into his homily by talking about how Christmas is for children and how innocent children are, and how we celebrate Jesus' birthday on Christmas. He concluded the homily by having the children sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. So special!


Whew! What a whirlwind! We had a wonderful (first) Christmas at home! Santa left a load of presents at our house. Hannah got a scooter, games, books, clothes, a doctor kit, leggos, little people, puzzles, and lots-o-candy. Reilly got a basketball/football/baseball toy, books, busy ball popper, and some teething toys. The family got a Wii which provided more entertainment than we ever imagined. Thanks Santa!!

BB, Papa, Jill, Charles, & Cecilia made the trip to our house for Christmas. The next day, we saw G & Pop as they drove through to go to Pennsylvania. Although we missed seeing our extended family, it was nice to spend Christmas at home!