Monday, October 02, 2006

Hannah spent a lot of time with BB, Papa, and Momma at the beach waiting for the new house to be ready. She is now settled in the new house and it is time for BB and Papa to got back home. Hannah (and her parents) can not thank BB and Papa enough for all the hard work they put in helping us during the difficult move from Augusta to Atlanta. They worked very hard painting, taking care of Hannah, taking care of Hannah's parents, and helping to move everything into the house. We will all miss seeing BB and Papa every day and look forward to seeing them again soon.

Hannah's new room is REALLY pink. Momma made sure of that. Hannah really likes the room and is sleeping well in it. She is adjusting very well to the new room and house, most likely because she is so advanced.

Hannah really enjoyed the beach. Papa took her out to the boat (sitting in the boat house) and let her run around in the boat. Hannah loved it. While out on the dock boats would come by with music on, and Hannah would dance to the music entertaining the passengers. Momma thinks the boats were dolphin cruises (boats rents to look for dolphins), however Management thinks the boats were rented to ride by to see Hannah.

Hannah was busted hiding inside a cabinet by her Momma. Hannah is very mobile and is difficult to keep up with now. The photographer thinks he needs to get new and more expensive lenses to get better pictures of her.

Aunt Debbie enjoyed spending some quality time with Hannah. Debbie looks to have had too many Mega-Ritas.

Momma got this award winning shot of Hannah.

Hannah somehow knew her picture would wind up on the website. She does not like having her picture taken when it does not show her good side.

While at G and Pop's house Hannah got to eat some of G's home made spaghetti. Momma wisely stripped her down prior to letting her eat.

Hannah also got wiped out at the beach, although she did not always sleep very well. Obviously this was not one of those times.

Hannah spent some time with Momma and BB while she was waiting to get into her new house. While at the beach she learned all kinds of new words. She also learned how to ride her airplane a little better.