Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday!

Today, Hannah and I went to Ash Wednesday Mass. As we were walking away from getting our ashes, Hannah pointed in disgust at my forehead. I told her they were ashes. She yelled out "asses, asses, asses, Mommy"...repeatedly. We need to work on our 'sh' sound! Hannah will be giving up cursing for Lent.

Little Squirt Squats!

Lately, when we get out the camera, Hannah automatically squats. Cracks us up!


Mom made me a special cookie for Valentine's Day.
I LOVE...............Cookies!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Group at the Mountains

This is the Atlanta Culture Club members who were able to make it this year. Hannah thanks everyone for allowing her to come this year. She is looking forward to hanging out with her Grandparents next year, while her parents make the trip to the mountains, or the beach!

Hannah ate some dinner, then she looked up and no one was there. I am not saying she was forgotten; however there was Hunch-Punch at the cabin. Here she is saying she is all done, but there is no one to get her out.

Hannah's wild ride

Andrew Spenner gave Hannah a ride at the mountains. Andrew is approximately 7'9" tall. Hannah seemed to enjoy the ride, but all Daddy could think about is how far of a fall it would be for Hannah. Hannah later asked me why Mr. Spenner is so freakishly tall? -Daddy

Hannah's family at the Mountains

Hannah took her family to the mountains in Tennessee last weekend. She had a great time with her friends, Gordon and Ashley, Dan and Kylie, Brandon and Kat, Andrew and Ashley. Hannah missed Matt and Alison, but was glad to hear Alison got over being sick in time to go to work Monday.