Monday, September 05, 2005

Hannah's upcoming events

Hannah's calendar is filling up fast! She will be attending a gathering of
infants her age Monday through Friday while Stephanie is attending work
starting tomorrow. She also has a "Party like a Rock Star" party scheduled
for this Saturday night. Andrew and Stephanie will attend as chaperones.
We will post pictures of Hannah in her custom fit Rock Star onesie sometime
after the party. Her best friend Maddie will also be in attendance. To
schedule an appearance with Hannah send an email or call her parents.

Hannah "likes to look pretty." Here she is seen wearing the latest in newborn fashion, a Louis Vuitton 0-3 month dress. OK, not really, we bought it for 20 bucks on the streets of New York, but you can not tell the difference.

Gloria Marsella, Stephanie's friend, came over to visit. Hannah is good about sleeping for other people, but not so with her parents sometimes.

Hannah enjoys spending time with daddy when he gets home from work. Sometimes she doesn't even cry.

Hannah does not unsually sleep well without being wrapped up, but this day she was a little tired. I think I hear her now, gotta go... Andrew