Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hannah spent most of last night, and all of tonight playing with her cousins. Hannah really loves to spend time with her cousins, and they seem to enjoy it too. Despite being told we were about to take a picture, MaryKeenan still looks surprised.

She looks like she is cleaning her hands after eating, but she is not really cleaning herself up, nor is she done eating.

After the photographer "developed" this picture and showed it to Hannah's father, Daddy realized we might need to send Hannah to finishing school. She has not yet figured out how to hold a spoon.

She has pretty much mastered getting food in her mouth by her own hands.

After dinner, Hannah unleashed herself on a bowl of ice cream. She is really getting good at using a spoon herself. Of course when it is ice cream on the spoon, she seems to get more of it in her mouth than when it is spinach.

Dinner was not quite ready on this football Saturday, after Thanksgiving, but Hannah was ready to eat. She was not interested in sitting in her high chair either.

The day after Thanksgiving, Hannah spent the day with the Chambers side of the family. Here Aunt Danielle and McKay played with Hannah at "G's" house.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Stephanie and Andrew are very thankful to have Hannah this and every Thanksgiving and are very much looking forward to having "C2" (Chambers 2) next Thanksgiving.

Hannah was able to show Kelly a few tricks with her camera.

She had a good time with Papa over the weekend.

Despite being up all day, and not having a nap, she is still very happy toward the end of the day.

After walking into the woods to find the golf ball, Hannah gladly accepted a ride back out of the woods.

Papa took Hannah to look for one of the golf balls she drove into the woods.

Aunt Jillian and Papa taught Hannah how to play golf this weekend. She really was not very good, but then again, she did not have the right size clubs.

Hannah knows to be gentle when petting dogs.

Here is a great look at Hannah's "Baby Mullet". She is slow in getting a full head of hair, in fact it seems like it only grows in the back. Hannah goes by the motto, "Business in the front, party in the back."

Hannah really likes dogs, but it is rare she finds one that is smaller than her. Aunt Kelly's dog was a perfect fit for Hannah, although Hannah is not quite quick enough to keep up with any dog yet.

Hannah's newest trick is to "show her tongue". It sometimes seems that she is doing it to taunt people, like the Alabama fans last weekend.

Hannah had a great Thanksgiving. Hannah received the full attention of her aunts Jillian and Kelly. Hannah lost one of her shoes, most likely intentionally, and it took both of the aunts to get it back on.