Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hannah had her 6 month checkup today. She weighed in at 13 lbs 13 oz - in the 10th percentile. She is now a whopping 23 1/2" long - in the 2 percentile. HMMMM.. wonder where she gets that?

Management's wife

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Heather has been accused of being a baby hog by her husband Matt. She really enjoys holding Hannah and her parents see no problem with her holding Hannah as much as she wants. However we are not able to post all 1362 pictures of Heather holding Hannah from this one night.
Heather pointed out that she and others would like to know the origin of her new nickname "Pickles". This is the perfect opportunity to tell the story for everyone to read, but since I am holding Hannah right now and typing with one hand I can not. -Andrew

While everyone else was enjoying their beer, Hannah was enjoying her teething ring. She is not teething yet, but loves to chew on that thing. It will be at least another 13 years before Hannah gets to drink her first beer (she is very advanced).

If Hannah is sleeping, it must be the third period! She had a great time seeing the game and all her friends that came over to see her at her seat, and all that excitement wore her out. Plus the Lynx were loosing and there were no fights in the game. Hannah's favorite thing to see at the hockey game is the fighting.

Matt and Heather Horn (near) and Adam and Nicolle Coker (far) joined the Chambers family at the game. This picture was one of the rare times Heather was not holding Hannah. Adam is trying to grow out his beard to appear more masculine, as there have been some questions raised about him lately.

Stephanie's friend and co-worker Susan also came down from her seats to see Hannah, I told you she is very popular. Susan tried to get Hannah to wear her complimentary Augusta Lynx cowboy hat, but as you can tell, it was a little too big for her. I am not sure that is Hannah's style anyway.

Mayme and Hannah were the center of attention at the game. As you can see the players were looking at them, and the fans were pointing them out. Not only is Hannah very advanced, but she is very popular too.

Stephanie's friend and co-worker Mayme came down to see Hannah at the game. She took Hannah down to the glass where Hannah was able to bang on the glass just like a hockey fan. Hannah was a little disappointed with the Augusta Lynx effort that night. She felt like the forwards were not skating hard enough, and the defensive strategy of the "Left wing lock" left the Lynx open to quick rushes up the ice with little counter attack ability. Maybe that is why she was banging on the glass.

Hannah went to her first ice hockey game last night. Stephanie bought her this new hat before the game, to make sure she would not get cold at the game. Hannah loved the first two periods of the game, but got a little sleepy in the third period. She is looking forward to going to her first NHL game in Atlanta, sometime.

Hannah has another exciting night out on the town, and she was wiped out afterward. This is a twist on the normal picture of her asleep in her car seat. This time she has a winter hat on that almost covers her whole face.