Friday, May 12, 2006

Update on Hannah

Today Hannah met with fans from her website. She showed off some of her
tricks (like walking and waving) to impress the massive group of adoring
fans. It was very much like American Idol, only there was no singing, there
were no judges or competition, and no cameras. Other than that it was very
much the same.
Hannah asked management to thank the fans via this post. Hannah enjoyed her
time with everyone at lunchtime today. Hannah was disappointed she missed
one of her big fans from the office at lunch, but looks forward to seeing
her again soon. Hannah will be making appearance across town this weekend.
Look for her to be buying formula and a present for her mother for Mother's
Day. -Management

PS- Management heard the calls from the fans today to post more pictures.
Hannah's photographer will be off his feet (knee) for a little while, but
will return with more pictures soon.

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