Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who Watched Us?

Today, Hannah, Reilly and I were sitting in McDonald's having an ice cream cone. Hannah was making a really big mess with it as it dripped down her shirt. I mean, it was all over her nose, her shirt, her pants, etc. So I told Hannah that I get messy sometimes too when I eat ice cream. I told her about the time when I was in college... I was driving with an ice cream cone and somehow smashed it into the windshield blocking my view (thank goodness I was only backing out and could put it back in park!) Anyway, so I see wheels turning in Hannah's head when she asked:

"Who was watching us while you were at college?"

I laughed and then told her she wasn't born yet. She said "Yes, I was." Uh... no you weren't. I left it at that because she was distracted again by the oh-so-yummy ice cream that she was smearing on her nose.

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