Friday, October 26, 2012

Sullivan 18 month stats

Weight - 23 lbs 6 oz. (17%)
Height - 31 inches (15%)
Head - 48.5 cm (70%)

Sullivan is continuing to grow--slowly but surely.  He is still turned around backward in his bucket seat.  I think this is the longest any of them have stayed backward-- in a bucket seat no less! The good news he's backwards facing his brother and sister so they keep him entertained. He is a happy little fella as long as he gets his way.  He wants to walk E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E!  He thinks he's as big as his siblings.  He is still allergic to milk and eggs which is a pain!  On top of that he's a picky eater.  I continue to try new things with him.  As with the other ones I have faith that he will come around to eat more of a variety of foods.  He's a very verbal child.  Words:

SheeShee - sissy
I-E - Reilly
Ma (in a New Jersey accent) - Mom
Ma - More (this one gets confusing)
Dad - Dad
Buck-Ulll - Buckle
Tuuuuucck - Stuck (he uses this for everything - when he can't do what he wants to do)
Muck - Milk
Eat - Eat
Baw - Ball
Bobbies - Poopies
Cheeeese - Please
 BB - baby
Boppa - Papa
G - G
Bop - Pop

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