Friday, April 17, 2015

All the kids go for a ride...

So all the kids went for a bike ride in a large parking lot.  We have not done that much, but they love it every time we go there.  Here are some action shots and cute one of the kids together.

Hannah is a little bit bigger than Sullivan,

But she does a great job helping him and Mom and Dad!

Not sure what was going on here, put that tongue back in your mouth!

There is exactly one telephone/power pole in this parking lot.  Sullivan found it.

Reilly and Sullivan both wore this jacket and rode this scooter.  They are both great boys.

Happy too!

Sullivan is a master at this scooter.  He has worn out no less than 3 pairs of shoes riding and dragging his feet on it... At least he is gliding with his feet up in this one.

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